About Us

We are a food processing and packaging company based in Lagos State, Nigeria. We process and package natural and organically grown food products. We have over the years carved a nitch for ourselves with our well known and much loved long grain rice, and honey. Our products research and development have continuously led us towards the differentiation and variations of each product and also creation of new products for our growing consumer base locally and internationally.

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About our Natural and Organic Food Community

Sustainability and affordability of all our products have been of major concern to us.This is why we are not only building healthy products for health concious consumers but also building a community of organic farmers, most of whom are women. Our goal is to empower these women with the right farm input and seedlings for organic farming. In doing so, we have been able to set in motion the foundation for a growing number of female farmers who are well trained and prepared enough to meet the demand for healthy foods in Africa and the world at large.

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As we continue to strive towards excellence with every product, we do not take for granted the need for thorough reserch and product development processes. We look forward to serving you the very best of this products very soon!

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